Do I Need Antivirus for Mac? | Up to Date Apple Protection Tips

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    Ask 100 people whether Macs need antivirus and you’ll be looking at close to 100 different answers.  The subject of third party antivirus software and Mac security is one of heavy debate. Millions are totally convinced that the standalone Mac antivirus embedded in the operating system itself is more than enough (see this article dedicated …

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Webroot Antivirus Review | What Level Of Protection Can You Expect?

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Webroot holds a unique position in the consumer antivirus market. It comes with a decent antivirus set of features at a competitive price that undercuts all the big names in the antivirus space. However, for everything good Webroot delivers, there is some roughness around the edges, which caused it to not make our list of …

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Does Linux Need Antivirus? | Is Your OS 100% Safe From Cyberattacks?

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Linux systems have gained a reputation for being resistant to many malware. This is because they are securely designed and maintained hence are safer than other operating systems such as windows.So, does Linux need an antivirus like the ones we reviewed here? Not really though you should know that malware for Linux does exist. For …

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BitDefender vs McAfee – Which Anti-Virus Software is Better for Security?

bitdefender vs mcafee

In our previous articles, we’ve compared a number of antivirus security products head on. In this article, we’ll be reviewing Mcafee vs BitDefender. Like our previous article, this head-to-head comparison was created so that you can easily make up your mind. It’s very important for you to choose the right one for the ultimate safety of your …

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Is McAfee Safe? | Can You Trust This Antivirus Protection Efficiency?

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McAfee has lent its name to some of the most popular computer security software suites over the years.  Combining all the usual ransomware protection essentials with outstanding McAfee support team and a competitive subscription price, McAfee is the virus protection package of choice for millions.But to what extent does McAfee’s Total Protection genuinely provide total …

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Spectrum Security Suite Review | What Level of Antivirus Protection to Expect?

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Spectrum is well-known for the services they provide in the internet and television industry. But did you know that they also deliver one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly security suites? As you will soon discover in this Spectrum Security Suite review, you can easily manage your protection, get notifications sent to you via text …

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Kaspersky vs Windows Defender: Which Software is Better for Digital Security and Protection?

kaspersky vs windows defender

Is it Kaspersky or Windows Defender that will be declared the winner at the end of this highly comprehensive head-to-head battle of 2020? Is Kaspersky strong enough to surpass the built-in, free option for Windows – i.e. Windows Defender in 2020? Is it worth paying for Kaspersky’s numerous feautres? Read out the ins and outs of both …

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Avira vs Windows Defender: Which Antivirus is Better in 2021?

avira vs windows defender

Which is the ultimate choice – Avira or Windows Defender? Can both of the software live up to your expectations or one is better than the other? It’s time for you to learn for yourself by understanding every single aspect as we’ll go in-depth about both choices and will make our recommendations along the way. …

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Trend Micro Vs Windows Defender Antivirus: Pros and Cons (in 2021)

trend micro vs windows defender

Picking the right anti virus software is no easy task. If you’re at this stage you’re probably aware that both are great choices, and fortunately for you we have the ultimate comparison in this heavy-weight fight. Key TakeawaysBoth providers offer antivirus and malware protection but the independent lab tests results had Trend Micro as a …

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