BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which Provides Better Internet Security & Antivirus?

The Internet is freedom, right? Wrong! Even if someone tells you that your online data is secure, it might be true, however, only to some extent as it’s no guarantee that the information that you share online is as private as you need it to be.

The general rule says that you don’t have to let the attacker can get into your email and take advantage of your personal material or things will get worse. Worst-case scenario? The spammer can get unauthorized access to the system and modify the data with a wrong intention – i.e. to defame you.

Today’s battle is about “BitDefender vs Comodo” – the two antivirus giants that most of the people living in this digital era are aware of. To conclude this comprehensive comparison, we’ll be taking a look at the major aspects that play a huge role in the end-to-end of protecting your devices and information.

According to wide-ranging research in the April month published on top malware by CIS Security, Gh0st has gained attention as it has got 15% score which is higher than other malware attacks. On that list, Dridex and Kovter have been closed to Gh0st as their score is 13% out of 100%. But it is crystal clear that no malware threat could get close to the Gh0st malware.

The latest statistics depict that there has been a 7% increase in the malware notifications in April (from March). We can’t sit like a relaxed person and let the hackers get ahead of us – we have to improve ourselves by getting enhanced/improved features in the antivirus that we choose based on the suites.

Since this assessment lies between BitDefender and Comodo, we’ll need to look at all aspects that affect the performance, protection, usability, etc., offered by both of the software. You can’t purchase the license of antivirus that offers low-level security and might put your system at risk if it is run in the background.

BitDefender Vs Comodo – Best Antivirus Software in 2020?

Who do you think will win the honor of “Winner” label? Will it be Comodo or BitDefender? Well, that’s for you to figure out in this all-inclusive, head-to-head comparison.

Is your willingness about finding the “Best Antivirus on Earth”? In that case, there’s one and the only antivirus that rings the bell – “BitDefender” – the ultimate choice to keep you safe and your data protected from all types of malware attacks.

The BitDefender has been the “Best Antivirus” for 2019, 2020, and we strongly believe that it will hold the top position even in 2020. What is even more surprising is that you can get up to 50 off on many premium suites. Take a quick look at more comparisons:

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Bitdefender vs McAfee

The BitDefender is a perfect-fit antivirus model for an individual and also for family (i.e. all family members). Since we’re advanced, we may not spend all of our time in front of the computer screens – we need an antivirus that is capable of running on multi-operating systems (e.g., Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, etc.). That’s where BitDefender gets ahead of others.

BitDefender Vs Comodo: A Short Comparison

The Comodo and BitDefender are two of the next-level dominants in the antivirus market. But you don’t want to purchase the licenses of two different antiviruses, do you? We know that you’d certainly look for only one. So, which is it? Is it Comodo or BitDefender? It’s time to get your head around the main differences in this brief comparison, however, if you’re on the lookout for a thorough “versus” battle, please be headed to the “Detailed Comparison” underneath.

BitDefender | Comodo – Review


Which antivirus software between BitDefender and Comodo boasts more protection-related features? Will BitDefender get this honor or do you think it will be Comodo? Well, this reward goes to “BitDefender” because it offers unmatched and versatile security for the next-level protection of your data. Avira vs Windows Defender Best Antivirus

Winner: BitDefender

Malware Guard:

This is a serious concern and can put your data at risk or might have you run you into serious problems that could give you a heart attack. In malware defense, BitDefender performs remarkably well and beats Comodo in this category. Though Comodo also brings top-notch features to life, it cannot get the upper hands over “BitDefender”.

Winner: BitDefender


Have your system been lagging for a couple of hours or does it do this all the time? If affirmative, you need to confirm that you’re not using an outdated antivirus. If that’s not even the case, the answer is that you’re using bad antivirus software that doesn’t offer minimal impact on the system performance while running in the background.

Winner: BitDefender

Ease of access:

What about the accessibility? Is the software you’ve purchased the license of offers ease of understanding? If it doesn’t feature the best-in-class user-friendliness, you may have a problem understanding it while using, which will be time-consuming and you won’t like it, would you? If antivirus software is not easy to use, each member of your family may not get the ins and outs of it.

Winner: BitDefender


What about the cost of the Antivirus software? Does BitDefender offer the bang for your bucks? An antivirus that is too expensive to afford should be avoided, especially if it doesn’t have to offer much of the features comparatively. See below to see the status.

Winner: BitDefender

Buyer’s Happiness:

Are the customers fully satisfied with the services presented by the company? This is one of the major aspects that might change the game. A decisive step here is to be aware of the “Ratings” and “Reviews” so as to get an idea of what people are talking about the product or service offered by the company.

Winner: BitDefender

Short Outcome in BitDefender Vs Comodo!

We’ve said it thousand times and say it again and it’s no wonder that BitDefender is a game-changer as it provides its customers with more malware-protection and security-related features that you won’t get in different suites of Comodo.

BitDefender is a cross-platform software that you can run on Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows. The good news is that customization is available for all users when it comes to increasing the number of devices to use the software on.

Editor’s Choice


The rest of the characteristics are taken into account in the “in-depth” comparison laid out by our experts below.

BitDefender vs. Comodo: Which Antivirus Offers More Features?

Features are what set the battling products apart from each other. Being a detailed comparison, we’ll be going over all the minor and major aspects so as to keep you satisfied. We’ll shed light on all of the suites of BitDefender and Comodo separately.

BitDefender’s Suites

At first, we’re considering “BitDefender”.

BitDefender Pricing Model

BitDefender’s Free Antivirus:

Recall that this isn’t the “30-day trial” as that’s a different story, whereas, this free edition will never expire and you will be good to go. But, the freeware is limited in terms of features, e.g., the free edition only comes with Windows protection and automatic upgrades. Even in Windows, you won’t be getting all of the features.

Still, it will rock your system as “Real-time” protection is still an extraordinary feature as far as getting antivirus for free is considered. You may also get some benefits in this free suite and you will wonder to know that “Advance Threat Defense” has been improved to match your needs.

BitDefender’s Premium Security:

This suite recently came into existence and is the best plan you will come across on the list of BitDefender’s suites. Get all of the Internet traffic encrypted when you go on, this will be helpful in putting an end to the breaching of sensitive data like passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive data.

Get full protection from all malware types on all devices – it’s a cross-platform software. This suite will offer you the priority when reaching out to customer care executives. All of your important files on the system, passwords on browsers, and other sensitive data will be highly secured from all dangerous malware, thanks to the multi-layer protection.

BitDefender’s BOX:

It has been newly introduced by BitDefender and has been called as “IoT” security solution. Have anyone in your family been a victim of cyberbullying? It’s time to put an end to it by subscribing to the “BOX”. In this suite, the “Total Security” has already been included. You’re offered a “Double-clad Security” in this package which means it doesn’t matter if it is malware, password stealing, or identity theft, BOX will take care of everything.

Online predators can track your children’s activity and keep track of it for later, the “Parental Control” allows your child to stay secure all the time even when he or she is on Social media websites. The hardware of the “BOX” brings the performance to life as it offers lightning-fast connectivity, not to mention the “Award-winning technology” that is unmatched. Learn more about BOX here.

BitDefender’s Total Security:

Craving for one product that matches all security requirements? No matter how sophisticated the malware is, you will get unbeatable threat protection to stay safe and secure all the time (as long as Total security is running). Browse the Internet anonymously using the VPN service and get complete privacy.

Say “NO” to ransomware, thanks to the multi-layer protection from all types of ransomware like Bad Rabbit, Cerber, Crysis, CBT-Lockers, etc. No compromise on your system: get super-fast performance while using the software and minimal impact on the PC or devices wherein the antivirus software is installed. This suite allows you to connect up to 10 devices with a single purchase.

BitDefender’s Internet Security:

Gone are the days when attackers used to infect the system with a simple line of code, with evolving technologies, the even cyberpunks are getting advanced. They can now keep track of what you do using your PC’s microphone and Webcam. Both of these services – Anti-tracker and Microphone monitor – have been brought to life in this one-of-its-kind suite.

Do all banking transactions as safely as possible with “Safe Online Banking” i.e. without any online threats. Don’t have any idea what needs to be done next? Make the most out of “Autopilot” mode and be at ease. Want this suite to stay connected and protected on up to 10 devices? Well, guess what – they have your back! If you love “VPN”, you can add it as a part of Premium service from the final checkout just like “Install & Setup”.

BitDefender’s Antivirus Plus:

The 2020 edition will have you amazed the moment you start using it. Not only does this suite allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously – i.e. at the same time (works perfectly for family). Don’t want to show who you are while browsing the website? You don’t even have to do that, thanks to the VPN. On top of that, keep your system’s performance at a high level and the battery life will be optimized.

This suite can be bought for 1, 2, and 3 years. Don’t have any idea of what this package does for the ultimate protection of your data? You can always get a 30-day free trial and get the ins and outs of the software without having a pain in the neck. For the ground rules, there is also a user guide that can be downloaded along with the package you choose to purchase the license of.

BitDefender’s Family Pack:

Sometimes, running the antivirus software on 10 devices may not be enough for some people and that’s where the need for an antivirus that supports up to 15 devices in the first place. All of your personal data is kept safe and secured by this package from the reach of an attacker, spammer, or cyberpunks.

BitDefender’s Mac Suite:

Are you a Mac user? If affirmative, you will need an antivirus that can run on Mac because you cannot run an antivirus on Mac that has been designed for Windows platform. It also offers a VPN and Anti-tracker facilities that you get in the major plans of the antivirus. As far as the performance of your system is concerned, you will get an Autopilot and Ultra-fast Scanning in this suite.

BitDefender’s Mobile Security for Android:

There are many software that does not offer mobile security as there is no mobile application designed for the user’s satisfaction. However, this is the case if we talk about “BitDefender”. BitDefender offers unmatched security and safe of the data on all of the platforms and this one is about Android. If your phone is lost, you can lock it, erase its data with the help of just a couple of steps. This suite leaves minimal impact on the system’s performance.

BitDefender Mobile Security for iOS (iPhone):

If the OS on your mobile device is not “Android”, you might probably be using iOS. If that is so, you need an iPhone antivirus and the good news is that BitDefender has also produced an antivirus for the iOS devices. The BitDefender offers unparalleled Web Protection and a VPN that will help you browse the web anonymously and also get access to some geo-restricted websites. You will also get the “iPod” support in this package.

BitDefender’s Parental Control Premium:

Will it be fair that we only think about the safety of ourselves and not our children? We don’t think it should go like this. As kids are getting smarter day by day, using smartphones is becoming their habit. On the one hand, it is informative for them, however, on the other hand, it could be dangerous for them because there might be an attacker on the Internet trying to spy on them or breach their security to make use of their information via illegal ways.

Are you missing out on BitDefender’s Business Cybersecurity Solutions? If so, well don’t if you want to run a successful business for the long run! There have been many case studies, you can also read them out if you’re in need of them for the knowledge.

Comodo’s Suites

The moment to dive into the suites offered by Comodo has come! Let’s waste no more time and see what we’ve got in the room.

comodo package options

Comodo Antivirus 30-day Free Trial:

This is a trial version, meaning you’ll only get a portion of the complete protection, but still, it is better than having nothing at all. This presents a Comodo Firewall that will keep you updated all the time on all of the suspicious threats. You will get automatic updates for the definition that will keep your software updated all the time from newly-born viruses or malware. Not just that, be it viruses, worms, Trojans, or other types of PC invaders, you will be highly secured from all these. Furthermore, there is a 24/7/365 customer support for your convenience.

Comodo’s Advanced Antivirus:

It’s an entry-level antivirus brought to you by the company – Comodo. This has been designed with the requirements of PC users in mind. The suite offers next-level protection even from the most sophisticated malware or ransomware attacks. There’s a new feature added to this suite known as “Game Mode” that lets you get rid of the notifications while you are playing your favorite game against the opponent. There’s more to this package than just meets the eye – take a look at the exceptional services that come bundled with the package.

Comodo’s Internet Security Pro:

Everything that has been introduced in the advanced package has already been included in this suite. If your will is to have a premium plan that is capable of helping you stay one ahead of the emerging threats, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized access. You will get a virus-free warranty – your PC (with a Comodo antivirus installed on it) cannot get infected with a virus and if it does and can’t be stored to the previous state by our support staff, they will cover the cost of repair up to $500. Stay in the safe zone while doing online banking transactions. This suite uses “Auto Sandbox Technology” and keeps you one step ahead of attackers by providing top-notch protection from all types of malware.

Comodo Internet Security Complete:

This is Comodo’s Best Antivirus Plan that makes it possible for you to get a 50 GB online storage for your important files and documents. Backup and restoring has been made easy with this plan. It’s has been labeled as the company’s full-grown antivirus package. It includes all of the features of the previously-mentioned package i.e. “Internet Security Pro”. The “Trustconnect™” is a feature that helps you encrypt the data transmitted over the wireless and wired network connection up to 10GB every month.

BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which Antivirus offers better Protection from Malware?

First things first. There’s nothing you can with a system infected with a virus. Even if you could use it at a slower speed, you don’t want to put your valuable information at high risk; rather what you would do is immediately get your system cleaned and that will require you install an antivirus on the system.

Now, you don’t want to purchase an antivirus that doesn’t have a much of the “Malware Protection” because in that case, there’d be an absence of security and your system will likely to be infected with the worm, virus, malware, ransomware, or others. We can’t just tell you based on the experience of one person.

To have extensive result, we’ve used the AV-Test and AV-Comparatives – two IT-security companies that run tests on the performance, usability, and malware detection of different software (BitDefender and Comodo in this case). We’re sharing some of the screenshots underneath that will have you informed about the score of each test.

BitDefender’s Protection:

Bitdefender Protection chart

Comodo’s Protection:

comodo protection

Winner: BitDefender

Comodo vs. BitDefender: Which Antivirus Offers Minimal System Impact?

Does your antivirus software have to slow down your system performance once in a while, if not on a regular basis?

No, never!

We know how important it is to have top-notch malware protection, but that won’t be all as you also need to make sure that your antivirus software is not radically slowing down your PC or other devices. While looking at the final scores, we will see the perfection.

It is crystal clear that BitDefender gets a 6 out of 6, whereas, the Comodo, on the other hand, receives only 5 out of 6 which is quite good, but not a perfect score.

BitDefender Performance:

Bitdefender Performance chart

Comodo Performance:

comodo performance chart

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which Antivirus Software offers better Usability?

What about usability? Is the antivirus software that you’re going to invest is useful and lives up to your expectations? If it’s not, then it’s not worth buying.

We’ve drawn the evaluation on the basis of “Usability” below. The following figure depicts the rating where lower values show improved results. In the “False Detection of software”, the BitDefender has got “1”, while Comodo gets “4” which means BitDefender still got the upper hands over Comodo in this area as well.

BitDefender Usability:

bitdefender usability

Comodo Usability:

comodo usability

Winner: BitDefender

Which Antivirus Software is Friendlier?

Is BitDefender more user-friendly than Comodo? Does it offer an easy-to-understand user interface (UI)?

We’ve been talking about BitDefender’s UI for a long time, but can Comodo win the race as far as this head-to-head comparison is considered? Well, that’s for you to find out in this highly comprehensive article.

When we talk about the user-friendliness, we are referring to the “User Interface” i.e. is the antivirus software threat When we talk about the user-friendliness, we are referring to the “User Interface” i.e. is the antivirus that you’re willing to purchase offer an easy-to-use.

We will be using some of the screenshots of the User Interface of both of the software in this comparison so that you could get the ins and outs of what sets both of the software apart.

Remember: You cannot get the best out of antivirus software if you are unable to understand what functionality reside in it i.e. if you can’t properly understand the layout of the software that you are willing to purchase, how do you think you will make the most out of it.

BitDefender’s UI:

Bitdefender UI

Comodo’s UI:

Comodo User Interface Home Screen

Winner: BitDefender

BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which antivirus software is More Expensive?

If must not purchase an antivirus software if it doesn’t offer the bang for your bucks. If you are fully sure that the antivirus software that you are going to purchase is not going to break the bank, you should avoid looking for that.

We will begin the comparison by taking a look at the different suites offered by both of the antivirus software in this head-to-head comparison.  That’s how we can get to the final conclusion and understand why you should purchase that particular software.

First things first. You will in need of knowing which suite you should be purchasing. There are many suites offered by each antivirus software that we have in this wide-ranging comparison.

Now, let’s have a look at the pricing model:

BitDefender’s Pricing Model:

Suites Price
BitDefender Antivirus Plus Latest Price
BitDefender Internet Security Latest Price
BitDefender Total Security Latest Price
BitDefender Family Pack Latest Price
BitDefender Antivirus for Mac Latest Price
BitDefender Small Office Security Latest Price
BitDefender GravityZone Business Latest Price

Comodo’s pricing model:

Suites Prices
Advanced Antivirus $34.99 per year
Internet Security Pro $34.99 per year
Internet Security Complete $89.99 per year
Business Products See Full Range

Winner: BitDefender

Final Thoughts for BitDefender Vs Comodo.

Though both BitDefender and Comodo are the antivirus giants, however, having an in-depth comparison, we got our head around the fact that BitDefender easily gets the upper hands over “Comodo”.

So, it is all crystal clear now!

The reward goes to “BitDefender” as it offers more security-related features. Furthermore, BitDefender has been a game-changer and ahead of the race as it protects more than 500 million systems worldwide including both PC and hand-held devices.

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