How Often Do Credit Card Frauds Get Caught? | Ways to Prevent Them Included!

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The advent of technology and eCommerce platforms makes it increasingly difficult to detect fraud cases. Therefore, how often do credit card frauds get caught? It is a pity that credit card fraud remains an exorbitant problem for law enforcers to effectively manage and handle. As a result, the chances of recovering your stolen credit card …

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What to Do If Someone Applies For a Credit Card in Your Name | Steps to Take!

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Discovering someone opened a credit card in your name can be the worst financial experience to endure, and it’s quite stressful. Well, there are steps to take and deal with these identity thieves thoroughly. And it starts from the very first beginning. We’ve discussed what to do if someone applies for a credit card in …

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How Often Should You Monitor Your Checking Account?

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Gone are the days of meticulously recording and monitoring your deposits and expenditures to balance your checkbook. With the uprising of online and mobile banking, these tasks are no longer necessary. However, just because checkbooks are no longer in use doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still monitor your checking account balance. Monitoring the contents of your …

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myFICO Review | Credit Analysis, Monitoring and ID Anti-Theft Services

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Getting your credit score higher has never been easy. You can’t do it alone, especially if you lack the necessary knowledge. The solution? Well, it’s to use a trusted credit monitoring service. Forget about searching for a good service provider on the web. Today, we’re going to present to you one of the best credit …

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