DVI vs HDMI for Gaming | Which Computer Monitor Cable Should I Get for Smooth Gameplay?

A person playing a game

DVI vs HDMI port; which one should you use for your gaming needs?There are different connection types such as VGA, DVI and DisplayPort found at the back of computer GPU and display devices.  It can be confusing at times even for techies to understand their dynamics and standards.If you want to understand their differences, read …

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What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor | Must Have Features of a Computer Screen for Gamers

gaming monitor looks

Are you looking for a monitor but don’t know where to start?Don’t fret. It happens. These days, you can spend the whole day reading one online review after another on what to look for in a gaming monitor, and you’ll end up more confused than when you started. But does the type of gaming monitor …

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How To Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming | Boost Your Gameplay Speed & Performance

windows 10 for gaming

“How to optimize Windows 10 for gaming?”- PC Gamers all over the world must have been scratching their heads for a practical answer to this question. It doesn’t matter what kind of games you are playing, when it’s slow as molasses, your gameplay can be disrupted. If your signal is to weak, getting an ethernet …

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