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Lepow Portable Monitor Review | Versatility Meets Convenience and Affordability

Convenience meets functionality with the Lepow Z1 Series portable monitor for laptops. Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, this portable monitor provides a high-definition experience with 1920x1080 resolution on a comfortable 15.6 inch full HD screen - if you want to go for something bigger and more high-end check out our 'Viewsonic TD2230 Review'.

Even though its thickness measures at a slim 0.3 inch, you can rest assured that this is one of the sturdiest portable monitors (see also 'Best Portable Monitor') you can ever purchase. It’s perfect for traveling and home entertainment.

As a software engineer, I need a lot of screen real estate to work with. That’s not a problem if I’m working from my usual workstation. However, I also love traveling and with the ongoing work from home situation, I found myself working from other states and needed a good alternative to my external monitor at home. That’s when I found the Lepow portable monitor.

Lepow Z1-Gamut Specification Table

Screen Size

15.6 inches

Display Panel


Max. Resolution

1920 x 1080








Two built-in speakers

Ports / Connectivity

Type-C port and a mini HDMI port

Lepow Is Durable

Previously, I’ve used portable monitors that weren’t as durable or have as much features as the Lepow monitor does. Some of those monitors sustained damages during the travel or had functionality gaps that caused my productivity to suffer. 

Frustrated with my experiences with portable monitors, I resorted to packing my own 27.5 inch external monitor at home as a check-in luggage for one of my trips. 

The hassle of packing it, checking it in, and unpacking it was not worth it. My external monitor even got damaged during that trip. I was hopeless and believed I would have to settle for subpar experiences with portable monitors until I found the Lepow Z1 Series. 

tablet features

This product can withstand multiple drops and falls and heavy pressure. I was impressed that it survived through all the heavy lugging at the airport. On one occasion, I even accidentally fell on the monitor. Since then, I have accidentally dropped it on the carpet and even hardwood floor several times. To my surprise, it doesn’t even have the slightest scratch, crack, or dent on it, and it still works perfectly fine. 

This monitor is so hard and durable, it could withstand even the clumsiest user. I don’t doubt that it could even double as a self-defense weapon. If you are a clumsy user like me, do yourself a favor and get this Lepow monitor. If you’re not convinced yet, consider the versatility of this portable monitor.

Great for Traveling - Very Portable

Equipped with functionalities that I didn’t think I needed, the Lepow portable monitor was a godsend on my recent trip to Denver. I was able to finish a tight deadline at work thanks to this monitor. I was surprised by the durability, versatility, ease of use, and attention to detail of this product. What I love most about this Lepow portable monitor is that it provides all the core functionalities you’d expect out of a portable monitor and more.  

On a previous trip, I brought a portable monitor that was bulky and wasn’t so durable. Taking it out during the TSA checkpoint was a hassle and it ended up being damaged by the time I got to my destination. It didn’t survive all the banging, bumping, and heavy pressure during the travel. However, the Lepow portable monitor made it through my recent trip to Denver without any damages. 

business trip

Lepow Portable Monitor Ports & Connections

With Mini HDMI and USB Type-C ports, this Lepow portable monitor provides versatile digital connectivity that allows connection to your laptops, PCs, phones, game consoles, and other digital devices. While this monitor does not have a built-in battery, Lepow does provide a wall charger for you. But since it does have a USB Type-C full function port, you can always connect without power supply to any of your devices also with a full-featured Type-C port, like your laptop as the most common use case. 

I like that this monitor supports multiple ports and that there’s an alternative to USB Type-C so it can be easier to use for laptops without the newer USB type.

Ports VS Other Portable Monitors

With the previous monitors I’ve owned, I always had a lousy USB Type-A port and I would have to connect to my laptops (since they don’t have USB Type-A ports) using an USB Type-A to USB Type-C adapter - most laptops are transitioning more to USB Type-C anyways. This meant that I would always have to carry around an extra accessory along with my portable monitor when traveling, which takes away from the portability aspect. Now, I’m able to travel a little lighter and extend my laptop without that stress. With the Lepow portable monitor, I have the option to connect via the Mini HDMI or the USB Type-C port. 

closeup of the connection ports

Lepow Audio Options - A True Differentiator

What I love more than the versatile digital connectivity that Lepow provides is the built-in speaker and 3.5mm audio out port on this portable monitor. Generally, audio is not a prioritized functionality for portable monitors and most devices lack built-in speakers or audio ports. None of my previous portable monitors ever had this functionality and rarely do I ever see a portable monitor with a sound system. However, if you do need one go to our 'Best Monitor With Speakers' review.

Good Audio Quality

However, Lepow created this portable monitor with audio and supports connection to external speakers, headphones, or other digital audio equipment. What I’m most impressed with is how solid the audio is. I didn’t expect much for a portable monitor, but the audio is solid in comparison to regular monitors and not just as a portable monitor. One of my concerns was that the audio would be underwhelming or wouldn’t be loud enough, but it’s vivid and clear. I’m able to watch movies comfortably. The audio is loud, crisp and I don’t struggle to hear at all. With the audio jack, I like having the option to connect to my external speakers or headphones. 

Having speakers is what sets this Lepow portable monitor apart from other portable monitors for me, and starts blurring the line between a portable monitor and a regular external monitor. While the speakers are what personally won me over, Lepow’s ease of use was my second favorite thing about this product.

ports and speaker

Lepow Is Easy to Setup

Along with the portable monitor, Lepow provides many connection cables (Mini HDMI to HDMI, Type-C to Type-C, Type-C to USB A), a protective cover that can act as a stand, screen protector, and wall charger. This product comes with all the necessary accessories you may need and saves you the hassle and money of having to purchase any yourself. Using the product is easy and no setup is needed. You just connect via cable - and power source if needed - and turn on the power button. 

Settings and Adjustments

Adjusting the settings is simple and unlike some of the portable monitors that I’ve owned, you have the option to adjust the brightness, image, and color temp directly on the device itself with a user interface that is very intuitive. 

gaming setup on portable monitor


The Lepow Z1 Series portable monitor is a great product. It’s more durable, versatile, and easier to use than most of the portable monitors out there. Even with a slim design, Lepow was able to create a sturdy product with audio capabilities that most portable monitors don’t even bother considering including. I recommend this product not only for traveling purposes but even for day-to-day uses.

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