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AOC C24G1 Review | A Monitor With Smooth Transitions and Realistic Images

If you are a gaming enthusiast, your gaming monitor's choice is vital in determining your gaming experience.

It matters a lot the resolution the monitor offers, the refresh rate, response time, panel type, free sync, etc.

Most of the gaming monitors in the market use TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. Other models use the VA panel (Vertical Alignment) to enhance color and contrast reproduction. This leads to the production of life-like and realistic images leading to the most immersive gaming experience.

The AOC model is one such monitor, though you should check out what other top AOC monitors we reviewed.

So, is the AOC C24g1 24 curved model the best bet for all your gaming needs? We took the monitor on a test of its performance, especially in gaming. With our comprehensive review, you can decide if the model is precisely what you need, or you want to look for the best 24 inch monitor elsewhere.

    Key Specs:

  • Vertical Alignment (VA) Panel
  • VGA + DisplayPort + HDMI Inputs
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • 3000:1 Static Contrast Ratio
  • 250 cd/m² Brightness
  • 178°/178° Viewing Angles
  • 1 ms Response Time
  • 16.7 Million Colors
  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1500R CurvatureEnter your text here

Does AOC C24G1 Support G-Sync?

The model is an AMD Freesync screen.

However, you can use a G-Sync compatible driver that allows Nidia graphics card users to enjoy the variable refresh rate on an AMD Freesync mode.

As such, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without the risk of screen tearing, stutters, etc.

monitor back

Does the AOC C24G1 Gaming Monitor Have Speakers? 

When you want to get a monitor for your gaming needs, it helps a lot if it comes with quality speakers.

This enables you to hear the action on the screen, which puts you at an advantage, especially when participating in competitive gaming.

Unfortunately, the AOC C24G124 model doesn't come with speakers or USB slots. However, it features a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

AOC C24G1 24 Curved Monitor Features

During our test, we looked at how the gaming screen performs in different aspects. The following are the features you can expect from the monitor and how they affect your gaming.

Refresh Rate

When looking for a monitor for gaming, one of the essential features to consider is the refresh rate.

This refers to the number of times per second that a monitor displays a new image, and it is measured in Hertz (Hz). The higher the Hertz, the better.

You also have the screen response time that refers to how fast the screen changes its color from a pixel to another.

A higher refresh rate works with a fast response time to eliminate screen tearing, motion blurs, and slugs. Therefore, you end up with a smooth transition and clear images.

AOC C24G124 gaming screen comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1 ms response time that ensures the smoothest transitions. As such, you will enjoy the most life-like and realistic images, even when playing fast action games.

aoc monitor

Image Quality 

If you want to get a monitor with excellent image quality, the AOC C24G1 gaming monitor will be a perfect pick.

The gaming monitor features a VA panel with an 8-bit color depth. It also features an exceptional 3000:1 contrast ratio and a 1920 x 1080p resolution, and 250-nit peak brightness. 

You also get 178-degrees wide viewing angles.

With the above features, you can expect exceptional image quality. It has a decent pixel density that ensures you get clear and sharp details of the screen's content. If you are participating in competitive gaming, the clarity of detail offers you a competitive end.

It means you can see every action, including the enemy hiding in the dark corners, which allows you to take appropriate action.

The 24-inch screen size display also offers you incredible screen real estate. You enjoy a massive full HD display that allows you to see the whole action on the screen without struggling. Plus, the curved screen (see other top curved monitors here) also makes it effortless to see all the content on the screen. The curved nature of the AOC C24G1 screen takes the shape of the eye and brings everything in your direction. This makes it possible for you to see the monitor's edges without having to move your eyes a lot. In addition, when it comes to size, you may need a monitor to carry it along, which makes this portable monitor by AOC a perfect solution.

The 178-degree viewing angle ensures that you enjoy high-quality images irrespective of your viewing direction.

aoc tilt

What's more?

The incredible 3000:1 contrast ratio delivers a better contrast between the brightest whites and darkest blacks. It offers deeper blacks than other panel technologies, including TN panels and IPS panels. With outstanding contrast, you can get the most accurate and precise colors.

Additionally, the AOC C24G1 features an sRGB color temperature that ensures you get precise, concise, and excellent colors. The 250-nit brightness also contributes to the superb image quality offered by the gaming monitors.


The AOC C24G1 24 curved screen doesn't disappoint in terms of performance.

For instance, it features an incredible input lag at 4 ms. Gaming monitors with a low input lag are not the best, especially for competitive gaming, as you’ll experience delays. With the superb input lag, the AOC C24G1 is fit for hardcore gaming.

As mentioned earlier, the AOC C24G1 is a VA panel screen. One of the most significant downsides with VA panel monitors is the low-speed time response which can cause ghosting and screen tearing, especially when playing fast action games. The ghosting is more evident in the scenes with darker pixels.

The ghosting is negligible if you are just doing casual gaming. However, if you are an FPS gamer, ghosting can be a significant distraction that can make you lose in competitive gaming.

To get rid of the ghosting issue, the AOC C24G1 monitor comes with a 1 ms MPRT technology that uses the backlight strobing to reduce the trailing behind fast-moving objects.

pc specs

However, the Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) feature - see 'What is Motion Blur Reduction?' - doesn't work simultaneously with the FreeSync. Additionally, when it is active, it reduces the maximum brightness of the monitor. You'll get the MBR feature on the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu of the monitor with values from 0-20.

The feature helps you to adjust the intensity of the backlight strobing. If you increase the frequency, you reduce the motion blur on display but also reduce the brightness. The vice versa is also true.

The AOC C24G1 has five response time overdrive options: off, weak, medium, strong, and boost. You can only use the boost option if you turn off the FreeSync as it enables the MBR.

If you are using the FreeSync, it will be best to use the strong overdrive option with high frame rates. On the other hand, use the medium at lower frame rates since the strong option at a lower frame rate can lead to some pixel overshoot.

Design and Connectivity 

If you wish to get a multi-monitor setup, the AOC C24G1 gaming monitor makes it possible for you. The gaming monitor features ultra-thin bezels on the monitor's top and side, making it effortless for you to use in a multi-monitor setup.

Additionally, the 24 curved gaming monitor also stands out due to its stylish and elegant design. As such, it adds some touch of beauty and class to your home or office desk.

side profile

What's more?

The AOC C24G1 gaming monitor comes with a flexible adjustable stand that you can adjust to obtain the most comfortable viewing position. The stand is height adjustable to allow you to adjust the height to ensure you don't strain your neck while gaming. You can also swivel and tilt the screen to achieve the most comfortable viewing angle to ensure you are comfortable even with extended gaming.

Plus, the monitor is also VESA compatible to enable you to mount the screen on the wall. This helps to secure the monitor and protect it from falls. Mounting the screen on the wall also offers an optimum view of the monitor.

Additionally, the AOC C24G1 24 inch 144hz gaming monitor features a 1500R curvature which adds an extra touch. The curvature feature adds a bit of extra depth if you are focused on it.

In terms of connectivity, the AOC C24G1 gaming monitor offers various connectivity options to allow you to connect to other devices. The connectivity options are connected at the back of the monitor, and they include two HDMI 1.4 ports, VGA, DisplayPort 1.2, and a headphones jack to help you connect your headphones.

The DisplayPort and HDMI inputs support a 144Hz refresh rate at 1920 x 1080 resolution and AMD FreeSync.

AMD FreeSync Technology 

The AOC C24G1 gaming monitor features an AMD FreeSync technology that enables you to synchronize the refresh rate with a compatible GPU frame rate.

This allows you to change your monitor's refresh rate and eliminate stuttering, ghosting, and stuttering within the variable refresh rate (VRR) range of the monitor.

top of the screen

You can also use a compatible NVIDIA G-Sync graphics card. However, you may experience some brightness flickering if the FreeSync/G-Sync technology is enabled. The monitor also comes with additional features such as the AOC shadow control that presets the gamma curvature modes, which offers better visibility of objects in shadows.


If you wish to get a gaming monitor, the AOC C24G1 will make an excellent choice. It comes with features such as a fast refresh rate and response time, high picture quality, curved feature, etc., that offer you an incredible gaming experience. The most significant downside with the monitor is the lack of speakers.

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