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Sceptre E248w-1920 | A Surprisingly Cheap Gaming Monitor With a Few Bonus Features

Is bigger always better?  It depends entirely on whom you ask, but there will always be those who focus on dimensions above everything else. Understandably, this type of buyer might not be blown away by the Sceptre E248w 1920, with its comparatively modest 24-inch screen and less-than imposing profile.

If looking to purchase a gaming monitor based on display size alone, you might instinctively overlook the Sceptre E248w 1920. But for those looking for something that’s about more than a display panel, much of what the Sceptre E248w 1920 is about might come as a pleasant surprise - check out other top monitors from Sceptre.

What this thing delivers for the price it is currently available for is remarkable. 1920 x 1080 resolution may sound underwhelming, but pack all these pixels into a relatively small screen and you are looking at superior clarity through enhanced pixel density.

The Sceptre E248w 1920 monitor also contains a pair of built-in 2w speakers (see the best monitors with speakers here), an HDMI cable to get it running right out of the packaging, and an anti-theft security lock slot for added peace of mind. Few comparable products within the $100 price bracket offer nearly this kind of bang for your buck, hence the Sceptre E248w 1920 (see other top 24 inch gaming monitor reviews) comes highly recommended.

Sceptre E248w 1920: The Manufacturer’s Word

Before delving into the performance of the Sceptre E248w when put to the test, let’s take a quick look at what this product manufacturer says about this ultra-affordable monitor.

a game on the monitor screen

Blue Light Shift

This is a fantastic feature many top brands build into their new monitors, which significantly reduces blue light to minimize eye strain. The Sceptre E248w monitor pairs this safety and comfort feature with anti-flicker technology, which likewise reduces strain on the eyes when viewed for long periods of time.


Another great feature touted by this product manufacturer that’s sure to please gamers, the Sceptre E248w has a series of custom display settings you can change to suit the games you like playing. FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) modes have been customized to provide an outstanding experience, based on the feedback and preferences of real-life gamers.

75 Hz Refresh Rate, Aspect Ratio 16 9 and HDMI VGA Connectivity

The response time and refresh rate of the Sceptre E248w are identical to those of its larger siblings within the same collection. A response time (5ms) and refresh rate (75hz) should prove more than efficient for most top-shelf games, resulting in a smooth performance with minimal blurring and ghosting at all times.

Edgeless Exterior Design

While the elegant black exterior of the Sceptre E248w is certainly attractive to look at, slim bezels do not make it ‘edgeless’. There are indeed obvious black plastic edges around the screen, but this is hardly a deal-breaker. It’s just that to say it is ‘edgeless’ is a bit much as it clearly isn’t - slightly misleading information but far from the end of the world.

VESA Wall Mountable Monitor

If preferred, you can quickly and easily mount your screen on the wall, which ships with most of the parts needed to do so in the box. You’ll need to buy an appropriate bracket and check that your wall is suitable beforehand - more information can be found in the digital copy of the Sceptre E248w’s instruction manual online.

Built-in Speakers

It’s always best to make sure you have realistic expectations when considering cheap monitors with built-in speakers. You can’t expect a lot for $100 or so, and basic 2w speakers are what you take home with the Sceptre E248w.

Sceptre monitor features

Ports and Connectivity Options

Two HDMI, VGA ports provide plenty of flexibility where connectivity is concerned, which in both instances deliver up to 75Hz to ensure a smooth gaming experience at all times. The kit also comes complete with an HDMI cable, in order to get your Sceptre E275W up and running right out of the box.

Customer Service

Superior customer support and an extensive warranty are all part and parcel of the deal with the Sceptre E248w. You’ll scarcely find a buyer with anything negative to say about the customer support provided by Sceptre, which is available via multiple channels around the clock in most regions.

Security Lock

Whether you plan on using your Sceptre E248w for gaming or productivity purposes, you’ll want to keep it safe. There’s a built-in security locking system in the housing of this product to fix it to your desk, for added peace of mind.

The back of Sceptre monitor

The Sceptre E248w 1920: Performance and Quality

Right out of the box, the Sceptre E248w has just the right amount of weight to it and really isn’t a bad size. If anything, you immediately find yourself questioning that price of just $100 - what’s the catch with the Sceptre E248w?

Long story short, there isn’t one - this is a genuinely fantastic LED monitor for such a low price. It would even be an impressive enough product if priced significantly higher, as what this product delivers in terms of quality and performance is genuinely solid.

1080p is more than enough for the 24-inch screen size, with no immediate complaints regarding color support, contrast ratio, or refresh rate.  A maximum of 75hz of this LED monitor is more than enough to handle even the more challenging games, so you definitely get a lot more for your money than you might expect.

I’d be lying if I said that the speakers built into the Sceptre E248w 1920 weren’t a little on the low-end side, but that’s all any realistic buyer should expect for such a low purchase price.  Especially given the build quality of the housing, the stand, and everything else about this product, which delivers a serious bank for your book.

Sceptre monitor
Sceptre screen

Final Verdict:

Gaming quality is excellent, movies are a dream to watch, and work (almost) becomes a pure pleasure with the Sceptre E248w. Just as long as you can deal with a slightly more compact screen size product than today’s more advanced gaming monitors, you’ll find nothing to complain about for such a ridiculously low price.

Shy of a few inane reviews that completely miss the point, which is best avoided anyway!

Sceptre E248w 1920: Full Specifications and Features

Dimensions (WxDxH)

22.7 inch x 7.6 inch x 16.7 inch - with stand

Display Type

LED-backlit LCD monitor

Aspect Ratio


Native Resolution

Full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz

Contrast Ratio

1000:1 / 5000000:1 (dynamic)

Color Support

16.7 million colors

Horizontal Viewing Angle


Vertical Viewing Angle


Viewable Size



250 cd/m²

Horizontal Refresh Rate

30 - 80 kHz

Backlight Technology

LED backlight

Vertical Refresh Rate

60 - 75 Hz


Sceptre Inc.

Image Brightness

250 cd/m2

Image Aspect Ratio


Image Contrast Ratio


Video Format

1080p (Full HD)


LED-backlit LCD monitor


Security lock slot (cable lock sold separately), wall mountable

OSD Languages

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish

Security Slot Type

Kensington security slot

Backlight Life

30,000 hours

Output Power / Channel

2 Watt


DVI, HDMI, VGA, audio line-in

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