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Auzai Portable Monitor Review | Perfect On the Go Screen for Various Viewing Purposes

I am very excited to present to you Auzai portable monitor. It is a computer monitor that can be taken anywhere due to its compact design and lightweight.

In this Auzai portable monitor review, I will tell you all about AUZAI's portable computer monitor. I will discuss its features in detail, such as its refresh rate, resolution, ports, screen size, monitor type, just to name a few.

Auzai Portable Monitor Specifications

Screen Size

15.6 inches



Panel Type


Connectivity Ports

USB-C, mini HDMI

Refresh Rate

60 Hz



Extra Technologies

Supports HDR technology, foldable stand, flicker-free screen, a screen protector


Stereo speakers, USB C cable, mini HDMI cable

In-Depth Review of the AUZAI 15.6-Inch Ultra Slim Portable Monitor

Portable Slim Computer Monitor

Thanks to technological advances, you can now carry your monitor with you wherever you go. It may sound hard to believe, but it's true. AUZAI offers a portable computer monitor that is easy to carry around. This can be really helpful to all business people who travel a lot.

This monitor is lightweight and extremely easy to carry due to its slim and compact design. Auzai portable displays can also be placed in tight spaces such as the kitchen counter, office desks, or nightstands because of their thin shape.

Auzai monitor with color explosion

Small Screen

Most of the computer monitors these days are large monitors. However, some people still prefer using smaller screens like the Auzai portable monitor, which is 15.6 inches (see also our 'Best Touch Screen Monitor' post).

Auzai small screen is more convenient for users who just need to check their emails, work on documents, or watch movies and others.

Its compact size is also good for students or people who want to save space, or if you want to sit on the bed and browse the internet. If you are looking for a large display to watch movies or play games on, I would not recommend this one because it is a small one.

Has the Best Monitor Panel-IPS

When it comes to the perfect monitor, consider the widely used IPS panel, which is short for In-Plane Switching. It is a technology used for liquid crystal display (LCD) computer monitors and televisions.

The IPS panel allows for vivid colors, wide viewing angles, and crisp, clear images that cannot be replicated using traditional twisted nematic liquid crystal display screens. This means that if you buy an Auzai portable monitor - see 'Lepow Portable Monitor Review', too - you will get bright and clear images from any angle.

Different Connectivity Ports

If you are looking for a display to connect to multiple devices such as gaming consoles, phones, or even your laptop, consider the Auzai 15.6 portable monitor. It comes with the following ports;

  • Mini HDMI port
  • Two USB c ports
  • USB A
Auzai monitor with type C  support

Mini HDMI Port

Use the mini HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface to transfer high-quality digital video and audio from one device to another. If you want to connect your PC or laptop with Auzai 15.6 portable monitor, then a mini HDMI cable will be used.

USB Type C

Use USB C to plug in devices like hard drives, memory cards, game consoles, or even your tablet or notebook. It also allows you to charge your phone or other devices.


Most computer monitors have at least one USB type-A port. It serves as a means for transferring data to and from the monitor. The port on this monitor will also connect different multimedia devices with a computer so you can access your files while within your office.


AUZAI is a young and innovative company that specializes in manufacturing and selling portable monitors (click here for portable monitors from Desklab). It was founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China. Their monitors come with various features and price ranges to accommodate different budget levels.

Auzai Portable Monitor Has Clear Images

The high resolution of 1080P allows it to produce excellent picture quality and vivid images. This can be used for any video, graphics design, and text applications that require the highest definition possible.

A monitor is made of numerous pixels put together. A 1920×1080 monitor has 1920 pixels across and 1080 lines down, giving you more than two million pixels on your screen.

The more the number of pixels a monitor has, the better are the images displayed by it.

AUZAI resolution

High Refresh Rate

If you're an avid gamer and love to travel a lot, then definitely consider getting an Auzai monitor to take your gaming with you on the go. It has all the features you'd expect from a gaming display, such as high resolution and a high refresh rate of 60Hz.

In Hertz, a refresh rate is a measure of how frequently an image on display is updated. In simple terms, the higher the Hz rating of a monitor, the smoother and clearer the image will be when in motion. In general, gamers prefer monitors with refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 144Hz.

Its Extra Technologies and Accessories

Eye Care

This portable monitor has been carefully designed with eye care technologies such as being flicker-free that will prevent eye fatigue caused by staring at these screens.

A screen protector

Auzai portable monitor comes with a screen protector. A screen protector is a thin piece of film or plastic that is placed onto the screen of a monitor. It helps prevent damage to the screen of a display, including scratches, scuffs, cracks, and dents. Using it will keep the screen of your monitor looking new.

AUZAI screen protection

It is a 100% Adobe RGB monitor.

This is a 100% Adobe RGB monitor. A display like this will help you see your digital photos as they were meant to be seen. It delivers an incredibly wide color palette that produces bright, accurate colors and black tones, making it perfect for viewing, editing images, designing graphics, and more.

USB C Cable

The uses of a USB C cable go well beyond charging devices. The cable lets you connect your phone with your monitor and cast your phone to the screen of your portable monitor so that you can enjoy videos, pictures, and games on a bigger screen.

Another accessory that I got when I ordered this Auzai portable monitor is a mini HDMI cable. This simple HDMI cable was of much help when I needed to connect my computer and gaming console to the Auzai monitor to watch movies, play games, and stream online content.

In other words, an HDMI cable makes connecting devices to the Auzai monitor easy.

Comes with Stereo Speakers

Auzai monitor comes with speakers which produce rich and crisp audio.

Having stereo speakers comes in handy for more than just watching movies or listening to music. I use them daily for school purposes while listening to the lectures on my computer. Overall, this monitor is very useful and a must-have.

It is worth noting that this portable monitor comes with a foldable stand. The stand is designed to make the monitor easy to set up on any desktop for great results, whether you are at home or in your office.

AUZAI  game experience

Are Auzai Monitors Good?

Yes, they are. Auzai is a new brand in the market, but its products are making waves.

With an Auzai portable monitor, you get crisp images, superb color performance, wide viewing angle, immersive sound quality due to their built-in stereo speakers, and tons of other features such as high refresh rates, lightweight design, have eye care technologies, supports HDR technology and comes with various connectivity options.

You can use it as a primary monitor or a secondary screen.

Have a High Refresh Rate

An Auzai portable display has a high refresh rate which is vital for fast-paced games like Counter-Strike or DotA. You might wonder what refresh rate has anything to do with gaming performance, but the answer is pretty simple.

 These genres of games are demanding on your system and thus require a high refresh rate to keep up with the gameplay without any lag. Otherwise, you would experience picture tearing when playing games or video motion stuttering.

It has just the right resolution for gaming, showcasing your photos to perfection, or producing high-definition results in your video editing software.

Are Portable Monitors Worth it?

A portable monitor is worth it because you can bring your work with you. When you need to take your functionality with you, but you don't have the benefit of a docking station, a portable monitor can make it happen. It is also great when creating individual workspaces in your office.

It's the perfect companion for engineers, photographers, graphic designers, educators, or anyone who travels a lot.

Are USB Monitors any Good?

Yes, they are good. USB monitors enable you to use devices such as digital camcorders, USB flash drives, or other electronics products to share files or photos with colleagues.

How do I connect my Auzai to my iPhone?

Linking an external monitor to your iPhone is a great way to extend its screen size. With an Auzai monitor, it makes it a cheaper alternative to a laptop. Setting up the connection is easy. Let's get started.

Check the connectivity ports that come with your Auzai monitor. Like I mentioned before, this particular model comes with HDMI and USB type C cables which you can use to connect your iPhone to it directly.

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