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Desklab Monitor Review | Portability and High-Class Features at a Low Cost

Are you searching for a portable monitor? If you are, our Desklab monitor review will be very useful so that you can make an informed decision whether or not to get one..

Key Takeaways

  • Desklab monitor offers all office and entertainment features packed into the lightest portable touchscreen monitor ever.
  • It’s your 4K screen, it’s your dongles, it’s your charger, it’s your speakers, and it’s fully customizable to be whatever else you need.
  • Compatible with gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4 and more.
  • The highest contrast ratio for brilliant color

To prepare this review, I have tested the product thoroughly. Important features of Desklab Portable Touchscreen 4K Monitor that you will be interested in include resolution, its size, touch screen, speakers, viewing angle, inputs, just to name a few.

I highly recommend this display for gamers, graphics designers, video editors, photographers, writers, programmers, or anyone who needs high-class features at a low cost.

Desklab Portable Touchscreen 4K Monitor Review

Desklab is a computer monitor is different from another types of monitors. The monitor was founded by a team of engineers with a mission to make gadgets that are portable and practical.

two monitors

Its full HD display is great for streaming high-quality videos, and its fully functional touchscreen monitor interface allows you to send commands directly from your finger.

Desklab Portable Monitor Specifications

Screen Size

15.6 inches

Display Panel





USB Type-C / HDMI / Micro-USB

Viewing angle


Maximum Brightness

400 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio



725 grams

A Lightweight Portable Monitor

Sick of your heavy PC monitor? Maybe you’re an office worker that has to frequently move your monitor around. Or maybe it’s just too heavy and awkward and you want to look for the lightest portable monitor to transport. Well, the people at DeskLab have just the right product for you: a lightweight portable laptop monitor.

One notable feature of this computer monitor is its weight. It is lightweight making it easy to take wherever you want, just like this portable monitor from Lepow. It is a perfect choice for creative professionals, video editors or gamers who love to take their laptop and monitor when traveling.

light monitor

This portable 4k touchscreen monitor can serve as the primary monitor or a secondary monitor, or for making presentations in a small room.

Small Monitor Size

Some instances will require you to have a small monitor like if you are trying to save on space, you travel frequently or need it for a secondary device's screen.

Saves Space

A small computer monitor like Desklab - similar portable monitor from Auzai springs to mind, too -  is ideal for more compact spaces or small living rooms where larger screens may seem out of place.

It is Easy to Carry

A small monitor is the lightest way to travel. It's perfect for taking along on business trips, carrying to meetings, or discovering new cities. Small Monitor makes it easy to travel light, stay connected, and enjoy anywhere.

sleek design

It is Energy Efficient

The importance of a small monitor is that it uses less energy, which is perfect if you are trying to save power. It can help in saving energy and electricity used in your home. Small monitors tend to be more affordable compared to ultra-wide monitors or curved monitors so if you have a tight budget, choose a Desklab - look here for more detailed guide on how to choose a monitor.

Not Suitable for People who love Large Screens

If you are looking for a large screen monitor to play games or watch movies, the Desklab touchscreen monitor might not be the best for you. Its small size is suitable more for web browsing and word processing kind of task, which means it is perfect monitor for office work.

Touch screen Functionality

One thing I loved about this touchscreen monitor is its screen. This monitor's feature allowed me to easily navigate through apps and folders by simply touching its screen with my finger.

I was able to reduce errors and save time because the tasks I needed most were right at my fingertips.


Great Image and Video Quality

Desklab ultralight portable 4k displays text, images, and even play videos in 4k resolution. Whether you are an artist, photographer, gamer or movie buff, you will fall in love with this display due to its stunning clarity.

4K resolution is one of the best resolutions on modern computer monitors today. It has 4 times the pixels of 1080P displays.

Games and videos come to life with monitors that offer 4K Resolution. This means crisper text and images, richer vivid colors, more natural-looking scenes and dramatic contrast.

When I ordered it online, it arrived in good condition. I was provided with a tracking number, and it took a few days to arrive. I did not notice any problems after using it such as thin black line showing or ghosted images as with my previous home office monitor.


Portable Touchscreen Monitor vs Flat Screen Monitor?

Considering all the points of comparison, which option comes out on top?

We’ve seen how flat screen portable monitors are arguably better in terms of image quality and price points. In other aspects, though, portable monitors have a clear edge over flatscreen monitors.

Portable monitors are far more versatile; they accommodate a wide range of activities and can connect to almost all basic display devices, like smartphones and televisions. Moreover, they are also far more travel-friendly since they’re extremely lightweight and battery-powered.

They also require minimal external hardware, such as data cables, power cables, keyboards, and mouse.

So if your work requires you to be on the move, just a portable monitor wins by a landslide.

Connectivity Options

This touchscreen monitor comes with seamless connectivity options so you can connect to various devices such as game consoles, etc. They include;

  • Micro USB port
  • Mini HDMI port
  • USB C port


One of the most important ports on Desklab touchscreen monitor is the HDMI port which is used for connecting a computer or laptop to the monitor. HDMI port is an input/output interface for digital video signal and audio signal.

The HDMI port will also allow you to connect a variety of digital devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray players and game consoles. This makes the monitor compatible with so many devices.

No need for converters and adapters which will not only consume your valuable space but are costly to purchase. It is a plug and play monitor-no special formatting is required since it is compatible with most devices and operating systems such as Windows, iOS just to name a few.

Micro USB Port

The importance of a USB connection cannot be undermined in any electronic gadget. Use it to transfer data such as audio, video and even documents.

The blinking light that accompanies this USB connection is useful because it indicates that your device is properly connected and recognized by your computer. This light also serves as an indicator of any problems with the memory stick plugged into the USB hub.

There is also a USB C port that can be used to charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and most electronic devices.


Built-in Speakers

No need for external speakers as this touchscreen monitor comes with its speakers.

Built-in dual speakers are set into the panel to ensure that dialogue, music and sound effects are heard clearly without having to turn up the volume on your other speakers. It's an important detail in the creation of truly immersive gaming experiences.

After testing the speakers, I could tell that their audio quality is good.

IPS panel

If you are looking for other portable monitors, purchase one that has an IPS panel like this touchscreen monitor. IPS technology is the widely used LCD technology that delivers higher image quality and better color accuracy than standard TN panels

This panel technology also provides wider viewing angles, so it's easy to see your screen from almost any direction. And with its built-in energy-efficiency features, your monitor will save enough power.

viewing angle

Accessories that come with the Monitor

It is a great purchase because it comes with various accessories to get you started. Some of the accessories include;

  • USB C - You can use this cable to charge your devices, or transfer data directly to your phone, saving the trouble of finding the correct cable on your laptop.
  • A user manual- the user manual provides the customer with specific instructions about the use and maintenance of the monitor.
  • HDMI to mini HDMI cable - It links your computer to your monitor and brings high-definition digital video and audio into your home theater
  • External power cable-it is for charging the monitor


Your portable monitor should have a built-in battery so you can easily use it away from an electrical outlet. After all, it wouldn’t be a “portable” monitor if it’s tethered to a socket most of the time.

Any lithium-ion battery with a minimum 5000 milliamps per hour (mAH) rating is the benchmark.

Additionally, it would be useful if only monitor could be charged using a USB C ports and cable. This way, you can always charge it using your laptop in case of emergencies.

monitor cables

Comes with Eye-Care Technologies

Computer monitors are known to be harmful to your eyes with prolonged usage. This is due to the fact that most of them emit blue light which is known to cause eye strain. As a result, users often encounter headaches, dry eyes, sore necks and backaches.

This monitor utilizes multiple eye-protecting features such as anti-flicker, anti-glare and low blue light. This will provide you the most comfortable viewing experience while reducing eye strain and fatigue.

By combining these new technologies, one can reduce the negative impacts of blue light emission, prevent eye strain and enjoy a more comfortable view of the screen. This brings not only better visuals but also productivity and health benefits to end-users.

Desklab Monitor Buying Guide

A large monitor setup can be expensive, but it isn't necessary to have a huge screen. If you are willing to compromise on size, I have done the research for you and found the best small monitor which is relatively cheap in price.

 You could even use it in conjunction with your main monitor to create a dual-monitor setup and an extra screen. Here is more information about it.

desklab monitor review

Is Desklab Monitor Legit?

Yes, Desklab ultralight portable 4k monitor is legit. I’ve been using the device for some time now, and I can answer that question with a resounding yes. It has also received great reviews from everyone who has bought it as of this writing.

What is a DeskLab?

If you have been browsing the internet lately, you have probably come across Desklab. This is a portable touchscreen monitor.

The ability to take it with you and use it wherever and whenever you need not only makes this Desklab ultralight portable 4k the best option for people on the go like businessmen and office workers, but also for college students and gaming geeks of all kinds.

Actually, this type of monitor is extremely convenient for almost every person who owns a computer. At the same time, such products are quite popular among professionals.


You would think that maintaining a touchscreen monitor is going to be easier than a regular monitor. But you’d be wrong.

A touchscreen monitor becomes dirty faster than a regular monitor, thanks to oils and other contaminants on your fingers. If you use your touchscreen monitor regularly, you will likely have to wipe it down at the end of every day.

But be careful; you can’t use just any fabric on the sensitive touchscreen monitor. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen without leaving any lint or smudge marks.


1. Can I use headphones with this monitor?

Yes you can, it comes with a 3.5 mm Aux port.

2. How can I extend and mirror my laptop’s display?

This touchscreen monitor is just like a regular computer monitor! You can plug it in directly and it can either extend or mirror your computer's display regularly.

3. Can I attach two portable monitors to my laptop?

Yes! Desklab ultralight portable 4k monitor is just like any monitor and you can connect several monitors at once to mirror or extend your screens. We're biased, but our team likes having 2 at least a minimum of 2 separate monitors to maximize productivity!

4. Does this monitor require any downloads, software or drivers?

Nope! Just plug and play!

5. Can a stylus be used for accurate hand drawing?

Yes, Desklab ultralight portable 4k touchscreen monitor is compatible with styluses!

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