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What Does HD Mean? | Benefits Which Enhance the Viewing Experience

HD means High Definition? How many pixels does the high definition resolution have in width and height, and how does it affect the image quality?

Before you can purchase a display, it'll be best to consider the resolution it offers. The resolution will determine the quality of the images on the screen, allowing you to enjoy an immersive and lifelike watching experience. The more pixels a display comes with, the higher the resolution, which will enable you to enjoy better-quality images.

So, what is High Definition (HD) display? Let's break it down for you.

What Does HD Stand For?

Representation of different HD sizes

HD has various meanings as an acronym, abbreviation, slang term, shorthand, etc. Some of the possible meanings of HD can include Harley Davidson, hot dog, high density, hardware design, high dose, heavy-duty, hard drive, etc. While there is no standardized meaning of HD, the complete form of the term in the display world can refer to high-definition monitors (see also HDR monitors).

HD stands for high-definition video or HD video. It is a higher resolution video system with a higher definition than the standard definition (SD) video. High definition resolution mainly comprises display resolutions of 1280 x 720 pixels.

You can also refer to high definition as a more detailed display system than the standard resolution. It comes with more than the expected number of scanning lines per frame. Most television series and TV shows are in high-definition resolution.

What Does High-Definition Mean in Video Resolution?

High definition resolution comprises a video with 480 vertical scan lines or 576 vertical lines. 480 scan lines are the minimum, but most systems greatly exceed the 480 scan lines.

In other contexts, a high definition can include images of standard resolution captured at faster than typical rates using high-speed cameras. You can find television series shot in high definition but look like they were shot on film. The process is referred to as filmizing.

You may also find a display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution being referred to as high definition. However, the correct name for such a display with a higher resolution is full HD. With modern displays with higher resolutions getting more popular, the 1280 x 720 pixels display isn't ideal for today's PC monitors. It may not be the best option for gaming monitors, TVs, or laptops. If you want to purchase a display, it'll be best to go for one with a 1080p resolution and above.

What Are the Benefits of High Definition Content?

The high-definition resolution comes with various benefits in different sectors of the world. For instance, HD content in monitors and displays means better quality images for the viewer. You will enjoy better quality and lifelike images, and you'll also get more details on the screen.

An HD resolution also offers a wider viewing angle. As such, you can enjoy high-quality images and details irrespective of your watching position. Thus, you don't have to fight for the best seat in the room to get the best view.

The high-definition resolution is also ideal for watching movies. The enhanced color quality and clarity of images make you feel like you are there. You'll enjoy all the fun at the comfort of your home, and you won't miss any detail.

HD resolution is also beneficial in the business world, and it'll come in handy in taking your business to the next level by enabling you to achieve various tasks with a great monitor for work. For instance, your organization can now hold meetings without the need for participants traveling long distances.

Some of the benefits of high definition video communication and conferencing in businesses include:


The clarity of your video communication will affect how effective your video conferencing will be. With high-definition video conferencing, you'll enjoy better quality workshops and conferences. It'll be more effortless to see the participants and any demonstrations performed during the meeting.

Six people talking through skype

Capacity Building 

Capacity building and training are an essential part of the growth of any organization. However, the training mode matters significantly in determining its effectiveness and ensuring it achieves the desired goals.

Reading manuals in the office may not be an effective training method compared to high-definition video conferencing. A combination of quality video conferencing and guiding manuals will offer the best understanding.


In the past, attending workshops required participants to travel long distances, consuming a lot of time and money. With high-definition video conferencing, you don't have to travel as you can access the workshops from any place (see also portable monitors).

You require to have an excellent internet connection to access the videos. High-definition video conferencing saves your company a lot of time, allowing you to concentrate on other activities that enhance production.

Enhanced Interaction

High-definition video conferencing is an affordable and convenient way of conferencing. Thus, the company can afford to take more staff through workshops which enhances their capacity and productivity.

The interaction also enables the staff to share their ideas on the best way to increase productivity in the company. Video conferencing is a better option than physical workshops that can be more expensive and carry fewer staff members.

High-definition video conferencing

How Can You Tell if Content Is in HD?

If you put a high-definition video next to another video with less resolution, you can't fail to notice the difference. The high-definition video will offer enhanced color quality, better clarity, and you'll see more details.

Sometimes you can start watching a video, and you may not be sure about the quality of the video content. You can use your remote control to check the video content in such circumstances. Most TV remotes come with an info button that you can press to offer a readout of the video's resolution. If the readout includes a 1280 x 720p resolution, the content you're watching is in high definition.

Additionally, before you purchase a display, you can check for details that show you can watch high-definition content on display. A monitor that supports high-definition content comes with various descriptions, including 720p (progressive scan, HD ready, and 1280 x 720p.

Does High Definition Content Consume Your Device’s Battery Fast?

If you are streaming high-definition content on your smartphone, you'll see a significant effect on your battery life. If you are streaming high-definition content, it can consume up to 1GB of data per hour.

As such, your phone needs to process a lot of data fast to offer you a worthwhile watching experience. Alternatively, you can have the HD video saved directly on your smartphone, though it'll still affect your phone's battery life when watching it.

Black HD screen with a low battery


What is high-definition content? High definition resolution is a video resolution that features a higher resolution than the standard definition video. An HD (see also UHD here) video features more pixels, resulting in a sharper and clearer image. In Europe, a video with 576 horizontal lines is acceptable as a high-definition video. The same applies to videos with 480 horizontal lines in North America. High-definition can also include standard definition images captured at rates faster than usual using high-speed cameras. Anything with more than 1080p is referred to as Full HD or FHD.

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