Dynamic Objection-proof
Security Architecture

Deploy active security tools, such as advanced threat protection systems, quickly and without network impact, while maximizing agility and performance efficiency.

Agile Solutions for the Fast
Moving Network

Get right-sized and scalable network access for remote sites, highly dense data centers, and virtual environments, so you can respond to rapid network change.

Global Network Data
On Demand

Gain a complete and centrally controllable view of your global network that can be dynamically customized for each analytics application and security system.

Why Network Packet Brokers?

“Enterprise data centers are experiencing dramatic changes in traffic volume and complexity, which make it increasingly difficult to effectively use traditional traffic management and monitoring techniques.”
What's Happening Now

Webinar: A Day in the Life of a Security Operations Engineer

Sr. Security PLM, Icaro Vazquez, discusses the top challenges of Network Security Professionals.
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Introducing the Optimizer 2400

Redefine the economics of your monitoring infrastructure without reinventing network operations
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Monitor 100G Networks

"High-speed networks reaching 40G and 100G are too critical and too massive to instrument and protect without the use of dedicated visibility architectures."    – Enterprise Management Associates
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of network security pros have active or planned inline deployments.
- ESG survey

Learn how to protect and scale your tools.

Top Ten Evaluation Criteria
Inline Layered Security
Most large organizations rely on network packet brokers (NPBs) to provide visibility to network tools and security systems, as NPBs enable the pervasive, scalable network access that TAPs alone cannot.