HD (High Density) Fiber TAP

Pervasive, transparent and cost effective visibility into the network

Passive Fiber TAPs

The VSS passive fiber TAPs feature high quality custom-built splitters that provide 100% uptime. Network operators are able to deploy a failsafe network access device without the concern of introducing a point of network failure. When used in conjunction with a network packet broker or monitoring device, future upgrades are possible without network downtime. Additionally, high-density fiber TAPs use very little real estate in often over-crowded network data centers. As gateways to VSS’ network packet brokers, fiber TAPs are a perfect fail-safe foundation for network packet brokering and vMesh system building.

Product Description

The VSS HD (High Density) Fiber TAP is a high-density passive optical tapping device providing line-rate access to individual network links. Each TAP (or TAP module) can be deployed "hand-held" or in the HD Fiber TAP chassis for rack installation. The chassis holds up to 24 LC TAP modules (for 1G/10G/40G/100G SM and 1G/10G MM network access), 16 MPO TAP modules (for 40G and 100G MM network access), 16 LC BiDi TAP modules (for 40G BiDi MM network access), or a mix of the three in 1RU of space. This provides networking professionals with the highest-dense basic tapping solution on the market.

The innovative design includes tracks that guide each TAP module into proper place within the chassis. Magnets secure the modules in place to ensure that they are safeguarded in the chassis without being fully locked into place, simplifying procedures during changes and expansion to the tap deployment.

The HD Fiber TAP provides network operators with the rack-density and high availability that is needed to monitor today’s dynamic infrastructures. When combined with the VSS network packet brokers, the VSS HD Fiber TAP maximizes existing and new investments in network monitoring, security, and forensics equipment. Gain flexible and scalable network access, without a point of network failure, and adapt or scale to changing network environments.


  • Adds 40G and 100G Multimode full link-layer visibility for complete data visibility across an entire network
  • ƒƒEliminates the risk of introducing a point of failure when accessing network traffic
  • ƒƒModular design facilitates access for both passive tools and network packet brokers today while offering scalability and flexibility for tomorrow's needs
  • ƒƒHighest density tapping and lowest rack space utilization save significant data center real estate ƒƒDesign shields network monitoring devices and packet brokers against intruders
  • ƒƒProvides continuous network access and visibility without consuming power


  • ƒ100% passive and fail-safe
  • ƒƒLine-rate access for Singlemode (SM) and Multimode (MM) networks operating at 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G speeds
  • ƒƒHigh quality custom-built OM1 (MM), OM3(MM), and OS2 (SM) fiber optic splitters
  • ƒƒHandheld or up to 24 LC or 16 MPO TAP modules (or a mix of the two) in 1RU
  • ƒƒThe HD Fiber TAP chassis’ tracks guide TAP modules into place
  • ƒƒMagnets secure the HD Fiber TAP modules in the chassis
  • ƒƒErgonomic handle design allows for ease of TAP module insertion and removal without worry of breakage
  • ƒƒNo Y-cable required for forwarding traffic accessed from 40G and 100G MM links (with the MPO TAP modules) to network monitoring tools or packet brokers