The Threat Landscape has Changed. Advance Your Visibility and Security Posture to Adapt.

NETSCOUT nGenius packet flow switches optimize the flow of traffic from the network to the security systems and monitoring tools. These appliances collect and organize packet flows—creating a unified packet plane that logically separates the network layer from the tool layer. Our customers use packet flow switches to optimize and scale out both their service assurance platform and cyber security deployments, so that they can spend less time in adding, testing and managing their tools.

Learn more about key needs and criteria to progress your security posture. Download the 10 Questions to Ask Your Security Visibility Vendor solution brief and find out how you can accelerate your security infrastructure.

Key Criteria to Deliver an Optimal Security Architecture:

  1. Enable organizations to enhance their cybersecurity posture and capabilities while reducing risks, impact on network operations and costs
  2. Enable continuous improvement in security deployments from passive to active inline and large-scale advanced threat defense
  3. Support multiple layers of defense without risk to network performance or uptime
  4. Offer a failsafe insertion point into the network for security tools to be placed inline and in series
  5. Service-chain any mix of inline and out-of-band security systems in any order without physical reconfiguration or downtime
  6. Load balance 10Gb streams to 1Gb inline security appliances to take advantage of existing systems
  7. Aggregate multiple 1Gb traffic streams to a 10Gb security system to secure multiple lower-bandwidth links