AVG Ultimate vs. Internet Security | A Detailed Comparison Between the Two Suites

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AVG antivirus comes with packs of features such as the AVG secure browser that offer the best protection. It is an excellent option, especially when you require enhanced security and safety for your internet-enabled device.AVG, which is now owned by Avast, offers various payment packages that come with multiple security features. The security suites protect …

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AVG vs. Panda | Which Antivirus Offers a Better Internet Security?

panda and AVG logos on the screens

AVG Vs. Panda: which one offers the best internet security? The internet is full of risks, and every day there is a new type of malicious software that tries to attack your system.The malicious programs try to do various destructive things, such as stealing your personal identity and selling it to third parties, encrypting your …

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AVG vs. Kaspersky | Which Should You Get for Malware and Computer Viruses Protection?

Kaspersky and AVG logos by the shield

AVG and Kaspersky are excellent antivirus software that helps to deal with various malware and computer viruses. But which one is the best option for malware protection?Today, it is risky to have your personal and sensitive data on a system without an antivirus program installed on it. This puts your information at risk of virus …

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Norton vs. AVG | Two Popular Antivirus Suites Compared

AVG vs Norton logo

Between Norton and AVG, which is the best antivirus that meets your complex and unique needs?Trying to get the perfect antivirus for your needs can be a challenge with tons of providers available who promise to offer the best. Today, we spend hours online, making life easy as you can bank, shop, and work online. …

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AVG vs. Bitdefender | Which Antivirus Guarantees More Secure Browsing?

Bitdefender vs AVG logo

AVG Antivirus vs. Bitdefender, which one is the best option?The internet world today is concentrated with tons of threats, including malware and hackers. At the same time, there are tons of antivirus software available to counter the threats. The challenge for any internet user is to get the best antivirus that fits your unique needs.Bitdefender …

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AVG Vs. McAfee | Which Antivirus Provides Better Internet Security?

AVG vs Mcafee logo

AVG and McAfee antivirus are some of the most reputable antivirus software in the market today. But which one offers the best internet security and protection against widespread malware?The internet today is full of threats, including malware threats and the possibility of hacker attacks. As you choose your antivirus software, you need to ensure it …

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Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes | Who Provides More Reliable Protection?

stock photo that says malware bytes vs bit defender

A reliable anti-virus software suite can be a genuine lifesaver. The harsh reality being that if the world’s biggest and most iconic organizations can fall victim to cybercrimes, so can anyone. Precisely where the whole Bitdefender vs Malwarebytes comes into the equation. Bitdefender and Malwarebytes are two of the most widely used anti-virus software suites available …

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Curved vs Flat Monitor | Which One Is Better for Work, Gaming and Entertainment

monitors on blue and purple background

Curved vs flat monitor, do you know which one is best suited for your needs? Whether you want a curved or flat screen, there’re many benefits and drawbacks to both monitors, but honestly for most people having a curved monitor is ideal (especially if you’re competitive gamers). However, it always comes down to specific pros …

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What Are Vertical Monitors Used For? | The Benefits and Setup Advice

check out the purpose of vertical monitor

Although not such a frequently seen setup, a vertical monitor serves a few special purposes like coding, programming, text writing, editing and reading. This is not surprising at all as the vertical monitors space orientation makes the tasks I mentioned faster and easier with increased productivity being the end result. So, should you buy the …

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How to Install a Hard Drive | A Full Guide for Desktops and Laptops


You can have a hard drive installation to your desktop PC or laptop by following the instructions given below.Installing a hard drive on a desktop computerGetting startedStart by backing up your data so that you can recover it later after you’ve finished installing the new hard drive.If you don’t plan to remove your existing hard …

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