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Are Refurbished Monitors Worth It? | Factors to Consider Before Getting One

Probably you are wondering, "Should I go for a refurbished monitor and save some buck?" Will a refurbished monitor stand the test of time, or it'll be a worthless investment?

Well, we wish there was an easy and straight answer to your questions. You have lots of factors to consider before deciding whether or not to buy a refurbished monitor. Otherwise, your money will go down the drain.

Not to worry. We prepared this piece with all the pros and cons of buying a refurbished monitor. When you read the article, it'll be easier to decide whether you'll go for a new monitor or a refurbished one.

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Are Refurbished Monitors Worth Anything? Pros and Cons

Refurbished monitors are monitors that customers bought and then returned them - similar to refurbished laptops or any other electronics that are refurbished. The refurbished products can be unused items or can be items returned due to particular defects under warranty. The manufacturer then repairs the defects and resells the refurbished items.

When you purchase a brand new monitor, it comes with a return policy. Thus, you can return it to the seller if it has any defects or you're not satisfied with it. After dealing with the defects and quality assurance, the seller resells the item at a lower price.

Pros of Purchasing Refurbished Monitors

The benefits of buying refurbished monitors include:

Certified Refurbished

Refurbished monitors come with a "Certified refurbished." What are certified refurbished monitors?

When you return a monitor due to a defect, the manufacturer strives to repair the defect. However, it doesn't stop with repairing the defects. After that, the refurbished minor goes through a rigorous quality control test to ensure it's high-quality.

The manufacturer ensures that the monitor doesn't have the previous issues. They also fix any new defects discovered during the quality control test. After a monitor has passed the rigorous testing, you refer to it as a refurbished monitor.

The manufacturer also offers a warranty for the refurbished computer monitors. You'll also receive the original packaging of the item, an instructions manual, and the original accessories for the product.


Price is the best selling point for used monitors. If you are working on a budget, you might buy a refurbished monitor instead of a new one.

The prices may vary depending on the seller. However, it may not be worth buying a refurbished monitor if it comes at the same price as a new one. The best deal would be to get the monitor at half the full price of a new one, enabling you to save money.

You can start by finding out the price of the new product. Then compare the prices of refurbished monitors from different sellers to get the best deals. Ensure you buy from a reliable brand to guarantee quality.

Quality Assurance

As mentioned earlier, refurbished monitors are used computer monitors returned to the seller for various reasons. The seller relies on customer feedback to deal with the defects and any other issues with the device.

Before the device is released back into the market, it undergoes a strict quality check. Thus, as you buy a refurbished monitor, you have the assurance that it'll work well this time.

However, not all refurbished items undergo strict quality control.

Therefore, it'll be best to purchase your refurbished item from a trusted dealer.


New monitors come with warranties from the seller.

Additionally, if you purchase your refurbished monitor from a reliable dealer, it will probably come with a warranty. Thus, you'll be at peace knowing you have a refurbished monitor at a reduced price and with a warranty.

Cons of Buying Refurbished Monitors


New computer monitors come with various accessories, including display cables and power adapters.

However, when you buy a refurbished monitor, it may not have all the accessories, forcing you to purchase them separately.


Although most refurbished computer monitors have undergone strict quality controls, they may still have some issues.

They may have scratches on the body, among other defects. A refurbished monitor may not be as reliable as a new one, and it might not last for long.


If you purchase your refurbished monitor from a reliable seller, you may get the original packaging.

However, other monitors may come with poor packaging, putting the device at risk of damage.


Some refurbished monitors don't come with a warranty at all.

Other brands will offer an excellent warranty for the refurbished monitors. However, the warranty duration will be less than the original warranty of a new monitor.

If a refurbished monitor doesn't come with a warranty, you should avoid it. If the warranty expires within a short period, you might have to buy extended warranty protection.

It has been used before

A refurbished monitor is still a used monitor even if it has been repaired and packed by the manufacturer. You are therefore unaware of how the other user has handled this merchandise. You also don’t know how long they’ve been using it.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Refurbished Monitor?

New computer monitors are pricey.

As such, you should look out for deals that'll help you save some bucks. Refurbished monitors come at a reduced price, allowing you to save.

However, refurbished products come with some risks. For instance, they may not be reliable and long-lasting as the new monitors. Additionally, the warranty policy may be for a limited time.

Not to worry. If you do proper research, buying a refurbished monitor is a viable money saver.

But how do you ensure you end up on the best deal and get a reliable refurbished monitor? 

You should look out for the following factors:

The Age of the Refurbished Monitor

It might be challenging to find out how long the previous owner of the monitor used it.

However, you can search on Google to find out the approximate age of the monitor. It'll be best if you can opt for a newer device model. Thus, there's a high possibility the company is still manufacturing the monitor.

Therefore, you won't have challenges getting spare parts when repairing the monitor.

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It'll also help a lot if you can find out the original price of the refurbished monitor you want to buy. The aim of going for a refurbished monitor is to get a reliable device but at a reduced price.

However, some dealers sell refurbished monitors at the price of new monitors. Thus, you might find yourself buying a refurbished monitor at the high price of a new monitor.

It'll help a lot if you can compare the prices of various sellers. If the price isn't 20% less than the original price of a new monitor, it'll be best if you don't buy it. Instead, you should consider purchasing a new monitor.

Reliable Brand 

When looking for a refurbished computer screen, ensure you are not carried away by a low price from an unreliable dealer. The monitor may not have gone through a quality control process and may not even have a warranty.

Ensure that you're dealing with a trusted manufacturer or seller. You can also check out customer feedback to find out what other customers say. The feedback will help you decide if it's a worthwhile deal or not.


If a refurbished screen doesn't come with a warranty, the best thing will be to avoid it. Otherwise, you might lose all your money if the monitor breaks down or has a defect.

If the computer screen has a warranty and it develops an issue, it'll be easy to return it to the seller to deal with the defects.

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What Does a Refurbished Monitor Mean?

Refurbished monitors are not necessarily used. They are also different from second-hand computers. For a second-hand computer, you are sure that the previous owner has used it for a while.

Refurbished computer monitors have been opened but have been returned to the seller for various reasons.

Does that mean that refurbished monitors must have an issue?

No. When the buyer takes it back to the manufacturer or seller, they take care of all the defects and issues. A reputable dealer will also take the returned monitor through a rigorous quality control process to ensure it doesn't have any defects.

As such, the monitor will be working properly when your purchase it.

Are Used Monitors Worth Anything?

If it is a flat panel display with a 1080p resolution or higher, you can resell it after using it. Older monitors with lower resolutions may not be worth much.

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Should One Buy a Refurbished Computer Monitor?

As mentioned earlier, refurbished monitors have been opened and returned to the seller for some reason. Such reasons can make some people uneasy about purchasing refurbished products.

However, if you are working on a budget, a refurbished monitor is an excellent alternative. A refurbished monitor from a reputable dealer will work just fine, and it comes at a reduced price.

A reputable dealer will deal with the issues that necessitated the monitor to be returned. After that, they'll follow a strict quality control process before releasing the product back into the market. Thus, the products will work well, and you'll get them at a lower price.

You'll need to research well to get the best deals. Compare prices from various sellers and ensure you purchase from a reputable dealer.


Opting to purchase a refurbished monitor instead of a new one is an excellent way of saving money. Refurbished monitors are returned to the seller due to defects or other issues. The dealer repairs the defects and deals with all the issues before releasing the product back into the market. Ensure the monitor comes with a warranty policy.


1. Is buying a used monitor a good idea?

Yes, purchasing reconditioned monitors is a fine idea as long as you find a reputable vendor.

2. Are refurbished monitors reliable?

Yes, updated monitors are beneficial since they enable cost savings. The key thing to keep in mind is to do enough research to get a trustworthy product. You will lessen the possibility of failure or issues by doing this.

3. Is used merchandise preferable to new?

The fact that refurbished goods are more reasonably priced is their main advantage. Additionally, there is a good possibility you may find a reconditioned version of a product you are looking for if it is no longer in production. However, if you don't mind spending more money and want the newest monitor, you should choose new products.

4. Are refurbished products reliable?

You can trust them as long as you purchase them from a reputable supplier. Even then, there is a small risk involved, but that is to be expected.

5. What does the term "refurbished monitor" mean?

Refurbished monitors are ones that have been tested, fixed, and resold after being returned for whatever reason. The same procedure is applied to malfunctioning monitors. In either case, nothing gets sold again without sufficient testing and upgrading. Consequently, you shouldn't be concerned while purchasing used monitors.

6. Are used computers just as good as new ones?

After extensive testing and modifications, the majority of them are marketed as good as new. Therefore, if you get them from reputable dealers, we can say that they are in like-new condition.

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